Hi, I’m Matan Ben David,
an independent product & interaction designer.

I turn stories and data into products and visuals.

Geoquant, a startup company that measure and quantify political risk in the world throughout the use of AI, machine learning and scraping algorithms
Web-app & Identity


Superwise help large companies track and manage their AI models on production.


Beresheet the spacecraft was the first Israeli spaceship that was launched to space with a goal to land on the moon. This mobile trivia game designed and launched as part of the PR endeavours for the spaceship journey.
Mobile game


The Tel-Aviv traffic report is a visual experience that shows and summerise all the data collected during a series of experiments to reduce the traffic in Tel-Aviv.

Traffic Report

Traffilog collects and analyse millions of data fragments gathered from vehicle fleets all over the world. They wanted to refresh their old systems, and combine several different apps into one massive dashboard.


The national library of Israel wanted to create a visual experience that will lunch along side their new exhibition about Napoleon’s journey In the middle east.

Napoleon Map

Trekeye help large facilities utilise their resource and staff better by monitoring the movement of object in any given space. Trekeye hired me to create a new mobile app and a fresh new look for the company.

Mobile app & Identity


Davidson Institute of Science Education contacted me to create a new identity and website for the yearly science week event. The events spread over the entire country and more then 100 companies and organisation take part in them.
Website & Identity

Science week