Nice to meet you

My name is Matan Ben David, and I’m a multi disciplinary designer from Tel Aviv, specialising in digital product design. I help people articulate their ideas and turn thoughts into products.

I work for leading brands, agencies and startups and would love to work on meaningful projects that try to make a difference in the world. As a freelancer, I enjoy being involved in the entire process, from initial concept and wire framing, through design, prototype, testing and shipping

Things I do

I believe that designers should be involved from the ideation process. This is my favorite part of the project and I believe I have much to contribute.

I strive to create the best products I can. Products  that people will enjoy look at, touch and interact with. 

Sure, I do that too. I try to create website that have feeling to them, and not just another template website. 

Sometimes, just listening with care is all that is needed to really capture what makes a company essence. After that, turning it to visuals is not that hard

Motion design can bring to life almost any product. I can create seamless transitions, micro interactions, and even short animations. 

Illustrations add that special look to a project, and if there’s a good reason, I’ll be more then happy to incorporate illustrations into the design.